The Smart Directory which reveals your company's Talents

Humans and their talents are the strength of your enterprise.
Wingzy enables your people to share these strength. We call them Wings.


Feminine noun

All the talents, skills, expertise, passions and energies shared by your coworkers

  • Wings
  • Wings
  • Wings
  • Wings

Why Wingzy in your company?

Les humains et leurs talents font la performance de l’entreprise. Dans les startups en hypercroissance jusqu’aux grands groupe en transformation, pouvoir les trouver et les valoriser c’est donc stratégique, mais c’est très difficile.

Chez Wingzy, on sait que la solution c’est la simplicité : vous avez déjà bien assez d’outils et de process qui entravent vos talents. Alors, on s’est concentré sur l’essentiel : permettre à tous les collaborateurs de se trouver pour partager leurs compétences, expertises et énergies. Rien de plus.

Wingzy, c’est donc une app minimaliste pour :

    • Orienter et rassurer, surtout les nouveaux,
    • Accélérer la collaboration et l’apprentissage,
    • Valoriser et engager grâce au partage de compétences.

Et comme Wingzy se diffuse viralement dans votre boite, c’est un quick win !
Clément Dietschy
Clément Dietschy
Co-founder & CEO

How does it work?

An intuitive, integrated app to increase the sharing of skills and create links between your peers.

Your employees fill in their profile themselves in 1 minute.
  • A simple authentification (Gmail, LinkedIn, ...).
  • An integration of your coworkers contacts (Phone number, email, LinkedIn, Slack, ...).
  • A set of professional Wings, automatically suggested.
iPhone Wingzy app
iPhone Wingzy app
Your employees have access to their colleagues' profiles with 2 clicks.
  • An intuitive search engine which works by keywords, by jobs, by functions, by names...
  • Optimization of your searches thanks to our AI.
  • A Machine Learning system to facilitate the identification of Wings.
iPhone Wingzy app
Your employees learn collectively thanks to the Wings they share.
  • A direct linking through their own points of contact to benefit from each other expertises.
  • A dedicated system to acknowledge and recommend inputs.
iPhone Wingzy app

Our Quick Win method

Quickly and simply offer a unique tool of collaboration and learning to your employees.

Identification of your key professional Wings
Adaptation of Wingzy to your identity
Integration of Wingzy to your environment
Recruitment of your internal influencers
Co-building of your Wingzy with your community of users
Peer-to-peer sharing
Animation of your community
Statistics and reporting



or 30€/user/year (vat excl.)

  • Dedicated Wingzy for your company (logo, banner...)
  • Unlimited Wings
  • Unlimited searches
  • Send targeted emails from our app
  • Monthly statistics
  • Wingzy support (email, phone)



or 60€/user/year (vat excl.)

  • Tailor-made employee onboarding and profiles
  • Integration to your tools (HRIS, Slack, Google Suite, Workplace...)
  • Audit of your needs & strategical Wings
  • Ambassador deployment support
  • Monthly reporting with a dedicated Wingzy Project Manager
  • Animation of your community

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