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The smart directory for your smart company

Accelerate collaboration throughout your company by recognizing all your roles, skills and energies

Wingzy app

Why Wingzy?

All days, all employees ask the question "WHO CAN HELP?". Wingzy answers by finding the colleague with the right skills. Our smart directory is therefore the obvious internal collaborative tool to:
  • · Recognize your skills,
  • · Break the silos,
  • · Boost collaboration,
  • · Build synergies, and
  • · Increase HR performance.
Wingzy is above all a viral engine for employee engagement, deployed from peer to peer through your company.
Clément Dietschy
Clément Dietschy
Co-founder & CEO
The fastest way to find help
  • Search by name, role and skills, expertise, passions...
  • Multilingual, synonyms and typo support
  • Direct contact with your own collaborative tools
Wingzy app
Wingzy app
Your tailor-made talent directory
  • Fully-customized onboarding questionaire
  • AI powered suggestion
  • Perfectly integrated with your HR & IT systems
Wingzy app
A viral app to spread trust
  • Friendly & reliable profiles
  • Peer-to-peer recognition
  • Peer-to-peer deployment
Wingzy app

Our Quick Win method

A minimalistic app with a viral spread through your company.

Identification of your key professional Wings
Adaptation of Wingzy to your identity
Integration of Wingzy to your environment
Recruitment of your internal influencers
Co-building of your Wingzy with them
Peer-to-peer sharing
Animation of your community
Statistics and reporting



or 20€/user/year (vat excl.)

  • Dedicated Wingzy app for your company
  • Unlimited Profiles
  • Unlimited Searches
  • Dashboard & statistics
  • Email & chat support



or 60€/user/year (vat excl.)

Wingzy BASE
  • 100% White label including custom app logo
  • Tailor-made skills questionnaire
  • Unlimited integrations to your IT & HR environment
  • Dedicated project manager

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