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All the skills, knowledge, expertise, talents, passions and energies shared between your coworkers

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Why Wingzy?

Humans and their talents are the strength of your company. In fast-growing startups as much as in large enterprise, the ability to bring out these strength is strategic, but it's a complex challenge.

At Wingzy we believe the solution is simplicity : too many tools and processes are already blocking your talents. That's why we focus on what's essential : enabling your people to share their skills, expertise and energies. Nothing more.

Wingzy is therefore the minimalistic app to:

  • Guide and reassure, especially the newcomers
  • Accelerate collaboration and learning
  • Engage and recognize thanks to skills sharing

And because Wingzy has a viral spread within your company, it's a quick win!

Clément Dietschy
Clément Dietschy
Co-founder & CEO

How does it work?

Employees build rich profiles by themselves
  • Intuitive profile creation within 2 minutes
  • AI powered Wings suggestion
  • Secured with your own Authentification
  • Synchronized with your own HR Tools
iPhone Wingzy app
iPhone Wingzy app
Employees find help in seconds
  • Search by name, role and Wings
  • Multilingual, synonyms and typo support
  • Direct contact with your own collaborative tools
  • Group emailing by Wings
iPhone Wingzy app
The organisation learns and grows
  • Collective talents and diversity highlight
  • Dashboards and statistics
  • Link towards your own Knowledge bases
  • Export to your own HRP Tools
Wingzy app

Our Quick Win method

A minimalistic app with a viral spread through your company.

Identification of your key professional Wings
Adaptation of Wingzy to your identity
Integration of Wingzy to your environment
Recruitment of your internal influencers
Co-building of your Wingzy with them
Peer-to-peer sharing
Animation of your community
Statistics and reporting



or 30€/user/year (vat excl.)

  • Dedicated Wingzy app for your company
  • Custom branding
  • Unlimited Wings
  • Unlimited Search
  • Targeted messaging
  • Dashboard & statistics
  • Email & chat support



or 60€/user/year (vat excl.)

  • Strategic Wings audit & research
  • Tailor-made profile creation
  • Integration to your own IT tools
  • Animation of your community
  • Dedicated client success manager

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